15 BEST THINGS TO DO IN SANTORINI ♥ Santorini Greece Travel Guide



Here I am in Fira, I've got about an hour to sightsee.

How do you do an hour? I want to see the volcano.

In the back, there's the volcano.

I want to see donkeys.

I haven't seen any donkeys yet, but I have a feeling they're very very close.

I want to see the view.

This part of Santorini is known for it's calderaview.

The buildings are on the side of the cliffs.

And whatever there is to see.

So, time starts now.

So Go! Let's see what we can see.

Fira is a popular town for tourists and backpackers.

It's ripe with accommodations, cafes and shopsto visit.

It's also located next to an active volcano.

The streets and pathways.

There's a lot of stores and shops and souvenirshops… A lot.

Volcano stone.

The red sand beach is something you can'tmiss.

The dramatic cliffs and red and black volcanicpebbles in the sand make this experience truly unique.

Santo Wines is a well known winery.

It's not far from the main port and it's the perfect spot to kick back and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.


So way across there is the port where I came into with Blue Star ferries.

I'm in Oia so I'm all the way on the oppositeside.

There's Fira in the distance.

So I guess getting all around here, took maybe like half and hour or forty fiveminutes? It didn't feel like that long but it surelooks it.

In Santorini, the churches are privately ownedby families so they're not all open daily or are accessibleto the public but they add to the architectural beauty of theisland.

So right now i.

feel sorry for the donkey I've been seeing.

I feel like I'd never want to come back inmy life as one.

Because these stairs, they may be wide, butthey're steep! I've seen them pack all that stuff on donkeys.

After climbing these stairs, I could never ride on one of those donkey.

Definitely Never.

The best highlights of Santorini are its picturesquesunsets.

You just can't take a bad photo.

The most dramatic ones are off the cliffs, facing seaside and towards the sun.

Total god rays.

Here I have some tomato balls.

It happens to be the traditional specialty of Santorini so I had to try it.

So this is a perfect couple's cove where you can come to have a cup of coffee, so I had to sit here and smooch with myself.

Because it's just me, you and Oia Santorini.

That's the honeymoon.

Okay, that's limp and lame.

Let's try it again– One two three.


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