20 Things to do in São Paulo, Brazil Travel Guide

Visiting Sao Paulo was a bit intimidating.

We weren't really sure what to expect prior to visiting South America's largest city,however, we found that in that midst of the crowds and chaos there were cool pockets filledwith parks, street art, and an abundance of restaurants.

For this video, we also had twoof our Brazilian friends join us and they were able to provide a unique window intothe city.

This travel guide will showcase 20 things to do in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This morning we are visiting Ibirapuera Park.

And it is actually a really cool place.

Like this area is full of art galleries and museumsand you can go skateboarding.

You see tonnes of people exercising and the park is kindof divided up into different sections so you've got all kinds of museums and different activities.

And it is massive! Yeah, super cool hangout spot and I can see it being really popularon weekends.

Like this would be a great place to come and just enjoy being close to naturein the middle of São Paulo.

Within the park grounds you’ll find theAfro-Brasil Museum, which is a contemporary museum that looks at African culture and influencein Brazilian society.

And not too far from there, you’ll comeacross the Museum of Modern Art.

So it is time to get artsy in Sao Paulo.

Weare currently visiting Beco do Batman and that is Batman's Alley.

And it is basicallya series of little lanes and alleyways covered in graffiti and it is super cool.

So let'sgo.

Batman Alley is located in Vila Madalena andit has become a popular tourist and Instagram spot.

Apparently the place gets its name becausethe first piece of graffiti to go up was one of Batman back in the 1980s.

If only they played hockey in Brazil Sam.

These aren't your kind of people.

I know this would be the most amazing museum if this wasa hockey museum.

But so far we're loving all of the posters and artifacts on the wall.

Like there is a very impressive display.

Let's go see rest of the football museum.

Yes! I win! I win! I beat Sam at Foosball.

If you’re a football lover, this is a placeyou won’t want to miss.

We thought the coolest part was a section where you can see projectionsof crowds cheering at a game, and the powerful speakers make it feel like you’re in themiddle of the action.

Yeah! Being the foodies that we are, we couldn’t skip theMunicipal Market.

Here you can find exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, meats, spices andeven restaurants.

We went there right around the lunch hour to try the famed mortadellasandwich.

Look at that.

So we just arrived in Sao Paulo'sMunicipal Market.

It is lunchtime.

We were starving and we saw that they have these amazingMortadella sandwiches.

Have a look at this.

This is a monster.

As I was approaching thetable Sam was like 'Wow'.

You know what, I haven't seen a sandwich that big since we'vehad it from Katz's in New York City.

Do you remember the pastrami sandwiches we had there?Amazing! And this place is called Hocca bar.

I think I'm pronouncing that right in Portuguese.


Hocha? So yeah, there is a huge line here, the place is packed and we've orderedthe sandwich that is called Bellissimo.

If you have a look here it is thick amounts ofMortadella, some melted cheddar cheese and also sun-dried tomatoes in there.

And likea fluffy white bun.

Like French bread.

Ah, you know what.

Let's dig in.

That's goingto be hard to bite in to.

Okay, so let's try to dip it into this spicypepper sauce.

Like this is so gooey and greasy.

Oh, look at the cheese! Look at the cheese.

Wow! Crazy.

So good.

Yeah? So, good.

Also theirsauce is quite spicy.

A lot spicier than I was expecting.

So I'm like burning in my throat.

Your tongue is on fire.

It is just so juicy, I know I keep sayingthis but look at that.

It's like oozing juice and grease and it is just the bread is soppingit all up.

My gosh.

One more bite and then I'll share.

From there, we visited São Paulo Cathedral.

We only learned this after our visit, but there’s a crypt you can visit underneaththe church.

Next up we headed to the neighborhood of Liberdade,which has the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan.

And because itwas right around lunchtime we decided to hit up a sushi buffet for some food! I love sushi! So how are you feeling afterthree massive plates full of sushi? Like beyond stuffed.

Absolutely beyond stuffed.

But Ihave to say for this sushi buffet place it was amazing.

Normally when you go to a sushibuffet the quality tends to be low.

But the quality was really high here and like we wereleaving very satisfied.

Yeah, so if you're in Sao Paulo and you're craving sushi cometo Tanka.

Tanka! That evening we met up with our Brazilianfriends, who took us out for a night on the town.

So today we are hanging out with two of ourBrazilian friends from Sao Paulo.

This is Dani and Andre.


And they've taken usout to a Izakaya to have Japanese food.

So, what are we having? It is both Japanese and Brazilian food.

Thisis coxinha probably the most famous Brazilian snack.

That looks good.

And this is eggplant withmiso and mira with egg.

Oh, and it is all delicious.

And I think this is going to besome of the best eggplant we've ever had apparently.

Let's take a bite of that.

That's really good.

Oh yeah.


It's good? Unbelievable.

That's more than good.

That's good.

Good start.

Over here it is like intestines from pork.

Pork intestines.

So chicken throat and pork intestines.


Go for it Sam.

It soundsexciting.

Go for it.

I love the sauce.

I'm going to get lots of sauce on here.

Let'stry that.

Yeah, you know what.

That's pretty good.

Ilike the sauce.

The sauce is awesome.

So was that the neck or the intestine? Intestine.

I ate the intestine.



Brave boy.

We have somehow ended up at a Karaoke barwith our friend Andre and his wife Dani.

This is the type of Karaoke bar where don't getyour own private room.

You are performing in front of everyone in the bar.

We're singingin public.

So you better be good and we suck.

Sam is up next.

How are you feeling? Nervous.

I'll be fine.

Your first time doing Karaoke in public.


It really is.

A few minutesaway.

A few minutes away.

All eyes upon me.

No, just kidding.

So good morning from Sao Paulo.

We had a bitof a late night last night singing Karaoke with friends.

But it is our last day in thecity so we need to go out and sightseeing.

So we're starting off the morning with a traditionalbreakfast.

So if you have a look down here we've just ordered coffee.

Coffee with milk.

Pretty simple.

I've also got my Pão de queijo.

And that is a big one! And that is a massiveone.

So this is the cheese bread made with the manioc flower.

Yes, and here comes theother part.

This is the bread that has been cooked in butter, right? It's like the toast.

Okay, so can you tell us how pão na chapais made? So basically the keep it really simple here in Brasil which is kind of cool.

It'sjust your bread, cooked on a pan with butter.

It is really simple but it looks really tasty.


But it is so nice and buttery and like the bread is flaky.

It is like a French bread.

They must put a lot of butter on there.

Yeah, that's really nice.

But you know what I dowish they had a bit of jam.

Like this bread with a bit of strawberry jam would just bemagic.

You know what I would put cream cheese on mine.

Cream cheese? With a dollop of strawberryjam on top.


Now that is the winning combo.

Oh, look at that.

It is so cheesy inside.

This is amazing.

Because you know what we've been going to a place called Case de Pãode queijo.

And over there you get like these tiny little balls that are just like bitesized.

But this is like a proper gigantic.

The is the grand daddy of them all.

That isbigger than our hand.

Yeah, and see if you can get the texture of this.

Just look atthat.

It is so cheesy.


How is that? That is good.

Perfecto? Thatis authentic.


It is like really chewy because of all the cheese in there.

Nice andstarchy.

It is good stuff.

This is what I'm going to miss when we leave today.

Pão dequeijo.

Alright, time to try the coffee.


It isreally sweet isn't it.

Really really sweet.

There is a pile of sugar added.

I like it.

I'm loving the coffee.

I like it too.

I usually have my coffee black but this is a nice joltof energy in the morning.

It tastes more like a dessert coffee.

And now this is completelyunrelated to breakfast but you saw cocada.

I saw the cocada and this is like our favoritecoconut slash snack slash dessert and it is basically just coconut and whole bunch ofsugar and maybe a little bit of milk.

Look at this thing of beauty.

It's like a coconutbar.

Oh man, that is so good.

This has nothingto do with breakfast but I'm already eating sweets for breakfast.

Why not? You just couldn'tresist it.

It's your last day in Sao Paulo.

You may as well enjoy it.

I'm doing whateverI want.

That morning we visited Pinacoteca do Estado,which is a cool art museum that focuses on works by Brazilian artists or works with Braziliansubject matter.

After that we headed over to Parque da Luz.

This park is right next to the museum and it has a lot of interesting sculptures scatteredabout.

Sao Paulo’s Teatro Municipal first openedin 1911.

It’s a beautiful building that houses the symphonic orchestra, the lyricalchoir, and the city ballet, and it also has a cafe on site where you can enjoy some teaand cake in a setting unlike any other.

The Martinelli building is 30 stories highand it was the first skyscraper in South America.

At the time people were frightened of suchheights, so in order to prove the building was safe, the architect built a 4-story mansionon top of the building and moved in with his family.

Today you can visit the viewing deckwhere admission is free and you get some great views of Sao Paulo.

Not too far, you also have Edificio Italia,which is a 46-story high skyscraper.

It too has a rooftop observation deck that is opento the public.

Sao Bento is one of the oldest and most importantchurches in the city.

Its foundations date back to 1598, though the facade you see todayis from the 20th century.

We were also pleasantly surprised when we learned there’s a bakeryinside the monastery.

So we just finished visiting Mosteiro de SãoBento which is a monastery and they happen to have a bakery inside.

So they make theirown local bread and cakes which is pretty cool.

So we picked up a little muffin andthis one is made with apples, cinnamon and walnuts.

Wow, that looks delicious.


So apparently all of the proceeds from thesales go back to the Monastery and back to the church.

Which is cool.

And now let's seewhat it is like.

The big unveil.

There it is.

How does that look? It looksgood.

Let me break off a piece.

Break off a chunk and try it.

That is pretty good.

It has chopped walnutsinside.

A nice cinnamon flavor.

This is pretty good.

I give it a thumbs up.

The priests knowhow to bake.

Surprise, surprise.

A short walk from the monastery, you’llfind Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, which is a cultural centre that hosts contemporaryart and exhibitions.

And lastly, we went by the Renault Theatrewhere you can catch some of the latest performances in the city.

Now let’s talk about transportation.

SãoPaulo has the largest population of any city in South America and traffic jams are a dailystruggle.

We gave up on taxis early on and started taking the metro which is affordableand efficient.

It might be a little packed during rush hour, but it’ll get you whereyou’re going the quickest way possible.

And that’s a quick look at how we spent2 days in Sao Paulo.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and that it gave you some ideas on howto tackle South America’s largest city.

As always, if you have any other suggestionsof fun things to do in Sao Paulo, feel free to share those with us in the comments below.

And for more travel videos from around the world, don’t forget to hit subscribe!.

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