5 Vegan Travel Tips – Collab w/ The Edgy Veg

Sillies out! Sillies out! Punch punch punch punch punch! Okay Okay Are we sweaty? A little bit.

All that punching.

All right.

Hey everyone! Kristen here and I am with my beautiful friend,Candice, from The Edge Veg.

Hello! She has a delicious Youtube channel I wishI could just go through the screen and eat it sometimes.

Is that weird? No.

That is not weird.

Do you want to tell us a little more aboutyour channel? Yeah! So, over on my channel I make vegan/vegetarian,well, it is vegan.

I say vegetarian to include everyone.

It's vegetarian comfort food.

We do junk food, copycat recipes, we do veganlifestyle, what I eat in a day videos, that sort of thing.

I am actually at a point now where I havebeen vegetarian for the past four years.

I will try cultural dishes that have meatonce if I am in a country but generally my diet is vegetarian and now I am going overto vegan.

It is a personal choice for several reasons.

Maybe I will do another video on that.

Welcome to the dark side.

Thank you! I am really excited and I feel good.

I have been doing it for about a month straightnow and I feel good.

When it comes to travel and going to specificcountries or certain countries specifically, I should say, it and be really difficult tofind vegan meals.

Yep! We are going to be talking about that in thisvideo; tips on how to be vegan when you are travelling.

So the first tip is to research ahead of time.

There are so many different countries thatyou can visit that are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Oh absolutely! There is India that I have been to which actuallyturned me into a vegetarian.

What has been the number one place you visited? Anything in central or south America, I find.

Anywhere that uses a lot of burritos and beansand rice.

I find that it is still super filling butyou can remove the meat and it's delicious.

Use salsa and guacamole.

Any of those countries always work for mewhen I travel there.

I also would say Thailand or places in SouthEast Asia like Singapore.

There are a lot of incredible fruits.

Israel is a really good one as well as Ethiopia.

There are tons of vegetarian and vegan friendlycountries that you can go to.

Another great thing to research is where thevegan or vegetarian friendly restaurants are.

They don't have to be 100% vegan but maybea restaurant that has a lot of really great vegan options and there are all kind of restaurantapps where you can look that up.

Then you can plan where you are staying orplan the activities based on where you can eat which a lot of the time, I find, makesthe trip a lot more enjoyable.


When you know, oh I can go two blocks thisway and get a coffee with almond milk or I can get a quick sandwich here or a reallygreat breakfast here.

It makes the trip a little more enjoyable.

Yeah because you do not have to be spendinghours looking for food or for that morning coffee.

You already know where it is and you can godo that ten-minute walk and then get on with your day and go do something.

Yeah and then you are not always relying onhaving snacks.


You actually have food around that you canconsume.

Real food.

I just got on vacation to eat.

Food is such a big part of a cultural experience.

Oh absolutely! Absolutely.

And you can research what are the culturalfoods and then where the vegan versions of those cultural foods are.

If you're like me and like to just eat onyour vacation.

I just travel and eat.

That is it.

Tip number two! This one is really big for airplanes or justtravelling in general or if you are just going on day trips even around your own city.

I always carry snacks.

I always always have some sort of meal barin my bag, in my purse.

That way if I'm getting a little bit hangryor James is getting a little bit hangry, my fiance, then he has something to give me orme to give him.

I also carry protein powders and these nutbutter packets.

Those are so good.

I have mentioned these in another video before.

They just give you that boost of energy youneed, you know? Absolutely and coconut oil.

I find a lot of European countries are verybread heavy and they use butter on everything and they cook with butter and I so I havethis.

I always carry hot sauce packets or soy saucepackets so if you are at a restaurant and literally the only thing you can have is rice.

I see that happening probably very often soit is nice to have a little bit of flavoring.

I also bring snacks too with me.

My favorite ones right now are hemp heartbites.

So they are just hemp seeds with coconut oil.

They are so good! They are delicious.

Chocolate, original, really good.

Another thing you can do is when you are lookingfor accommodations; you can stay in hostels or Airbnb because then you have access toa kitchen where you can cool your own food.

So you can use local ingredients and takethem and use them in the kitchen to create something using the local ingredients so youare not missing out on that experience.

Oh totally.

And it is definitely a cheaper way to feedyourself on vacation as well.

I was in LA about a month ago and I went toWhole Foods and I bought a bunch of stuff that I can not get here that I wanted to bringback but also to keep the cost down so that we could eat in the room and make food inthe room and we asked for a mini fridge because out hotel room did not come with a mini fridgeand they asked if it was for a medical reason and I said yes.

Ahh! Sneaky.

And then I got the fridge for free.

So it was like 30 dollars a night to havethe fridge in your room but if it is for a medical reason then they give it to you forfree so there is a quick tip for you! That is a great tip! Another thing is to learn some key phrasesspecifically when it comes to food so that you can tell your server that you cannot eatspecific foods.

So to go more into detail about this, youwant to be very specific.

I have been to countries where I said I amvegetarian or I do not eat meat and they are like chicken? And I am like no, no meat.

And they say okay chicken! Like.

no that is also meat.

That is also meat.

I find it is really easy if you learn howto say I am vegan or I am vegetarian and then you also learn how to say the foods that youcannot have.

So then you learn how to say no chicken, nofish.

Just learn all those words and then no.

No cheese, no butter.

Not just like no meat, no dairy, but be specific.

Yeah, absolutely.

And also if you can learn how to say I havean allergy then they will take it more seriously.

Number five! If you are like me and you are travellingmostly to eat food, learn what the local dishes are and find out what is in them and alsolearn the words for those but also learn the words for substitutions.

So a lot of the Asian countries use fish sauce,right? So I would learn how to say fish sauce anddon't use fish sauce but then I also would learn how to say soy sauce instead.

So give them substitutions to work with.

I find then you don't get kicked to the curbfrom the restaurant.

Does that make sense? Absolutely! Great idea.

And you do not have to memorize it.

You can bring a print out and just have thatwith you.


Have it in your phone, have a print out, alittle guide book, and you can point to it if you don't know how to say it.

Yeah and app that I love to use is GoogleTranslate and it translates text and it translates if someone is speaking.

But that is really cool about it is you canput it over a menu and it will actually translate the text right then and there to any languageor from any language to English.

Like it reads the menu through your camera? Yes.

And then you can screen grab it.



Something I want to point out because I amsure many of you might be thinking, okay if I am going to eat vegetarian or vegan butI am traveling so am I not supposed to be staying away from fresh vegetables and fruit? I get that.


People think that.

I used to think that but actually, I usedto get sick on almost every trip when I ate meat.

As soon as I went vegetarian, I have neverbeen sick.

Really?! Yes! Well there you have it! The myth has been busted! If you're still worried, if you can peel itthen you are good to eat it.

And also.

when in doubt.

Candice: French fries! Always always your friend.

Always French fries.

She taught me that.


We were at Disneyland together.

Yeah and she was like we should get frenchfries because that's probably the best option and I was like I need french fries and wewent on a hunt for like an hour and now I am hooked on french fries.

And it was great because it was so hot andthe salt! I mean it is not like the best salt in theworld, it probably was not, but for electrolytes.


French fries.

So good.

Buffalo sauce.

Ahhh! All right you guys! Those are some of our vegan tips so when youtravel you can live a move vegan lifestyle if you choose to and before you go anywheredon't forget to subscribe to my channel if you have not already and head on over to Candice'schannel because we did a video there.

What did we do? We did a video on what is in our carry on.

What do we put in our carry on? It's food based! Vegan edition! So you should watch it.

Go over to her channel, it's awesome.

Subscribe to her.

She is amazing.

And subscribe to you! And subscribe to me! Because she is amazing! And we will see you guys later.

Happy travels! Bye! Like verbal.

Verbal verbal.

Speaking? Speaking! Verbal communication? Which I'm not good at.

Something you are having a hard time withright now? An app that I love to use that helps, um.

An app that I love to use.

What is wrong with me? This is the end of the video.

I cannot do this.

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