8 tourist attraction in Solo city

this palace was built by paku buwono II in 1745.

With a Javanese architecture, the building has a famous tower named panggung songgo buwono.

Inside the palace there is an art gallery which preserves the artistic and historical values, such as a golden chariot, the palace heritage, leather puppetry, antique statues, precious artifacts and also many other artworks.

The palace is opened for the public every Monday-Thursday from 09 to 14, and Saturdays and Sundays from 09 to 13 and it is closed every Friday.

Pura Mangkunegaran was built on 1757 by Raden Mas Said or Pangeran Samber Nyawa who become Pangeran Mangkunegaran 1.

Following the old Javanese architecture style, the entire building is made of whole wood.

Pura Mangkunegaran has many valuable and historical collections which include objects such as traditional masks, jewelries, palace heritage, wooden puppetry, ancient gamelans also many holy books collections from Majapahit and Mataram which are kept in the Rekso Pustoko library.

Pura Mangkunegaran is opened for public every day from 09 to 14 and every Friday from 09 to 1.

Radya Pustaka Museum is one of the eldest museums in Indonesia, which was built in 1890.

Radya Pustaka keeps ancient collections such as stone and bronze statues from Hindu and Budha, ancient keris collections, traditional weapons, gamelans, wayang kulit, wayang beber,etc.

This museum is located on Slamet Riyadi.

Radya Pustaka museum is opened for public every Tuesday – Sunday from 08.

30 to 13.

Lokananta is the first of state corporation recording company which was built by Netherlands.

Lokananta serve government's all about audio recording.

The Original Indonesia's Nathional Anthem, Indonesia Raya by W.


Supratman was recorded here.

Soekarno's speech originally was recorded here too.

Also Keroncong Songs sung by Gesang, Waldjinah,etc was recorded here.

Lokananata was built in Solo because Netherlands consider that Solo where the place far from any disaster such as flood, tsunami or volcanoes.

After cleaned up by Jokowi, now Ngarsopuro become a local and non local tourism destination.

Now a lot of people like Ngarsopuro as a photo destination, hang out place, etc.

Every Satnight, there is a night market along Ngarsopuro.

Solo was known as a City of Batik.

There is a lot of Batik's brand name such as Batik Keris,Danar Hadi, etc.

Many batik company were exporting their batik to many countries in the world and wears by a lot of Hollywood artists and Politician.

Besides big companies of batik, there are small kampong produce batik collections in a good quality with cheap prices.

They are Kampong Batik Laweyan, Kampong Batik Kauman and Danar Hadi's Batik Museum.

This garden was built by the relatives of the king from Pura Mangkunegaran.

Inside the garden there is a pond and a swimming pool.

There is also a building for performances such as ketoprak, and there is also a place for fishing.

When this video made, Pasar Klewer has been burn out on fire and causing losses of billions rupiahs.

This market is located in the kraton surakarta complex, exactly on the south part of the Great Mosque.

This biggest textile and batik market offers a chance for visitors to interact with the sellers and bargain the prices.

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