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Hey guys, if you don't know who I am, my name's Alyssa and it's really nice to meet you.

I've already done my Australia FAQ and tips video, so now I'm going to do my New Zealand one.

If I don't answer any of your questions, please ask them below and I'll answer them to the best of my abilities.

Okay, so first off the most important thing that you need to know is that in order to get let into New Zealand, you need a flight booked out of New Zealand.

I learned this the hard way when I went to go check into my flight for Auckland from Melbourne.

And they wouldn't let me check in, until I booked a flight.

I ended up having to book a flight that I didn't even use, so I lost like $300.

Honestly, that rule kind of sucks because sometimes you don't know how long you're going to be in New Zealand for.

You can't be there for more than three months with that type of Visa.


make sure you have a flight booked out of New Zealand.

Next most important thing that I want to talk about is transit.

Transit kind of sucks in New Zealand, it wasn't the easiest place to backpack, but you do have a few options.

One, you can rent a car, or a camper van.

It's not the cheapest but if it's split between friends or a group of friends, then it actually does work out pretty well because you have a lot of freedom.

If you want to backpack New Zealand by yourself, it's not impossible, there are safe options.

One of those is a tour bus, like Kiwi Experience.

I didn't do Kiwi Experience, except a one day trip to Milford Sound.

But my friend Sara did Kiwi Experience and she said, she would definitely recommend it especially for people who are going for about a month.

She says "it's great for making a big group of friends and partying with them for a week or two.

" And also, you can hitchhike in New Zealand, it is legal.

And it is actually pretty safe because most people are travellers, especially on the south Island.

North Island is a little bit more unsafe, for hitchhiking, but we did pick up a few hitchhikers.

On the South Island, I actually hitchhiked one day.

I had to get to Queenstown to Christchurch and I literally stood on the side of the road and put my thumb out.

It was a neat experience, I got into three different peoples cars.

Remember, flights within the country aren't that expensive.

And to get from the North to the South Island, or visa versa, you can take a ferry.

Okay, I'm not going to go through every single stop that I did I may put that in the description box, but I kind of forget all the tiny little towns.

South Island is definitely nicer than the North Island, it's more picturesque.

You have to go to Queenstown, New Zealand if you make it to New Zealand.

It's like summer camp for adults, there's so much stuff you can do.

You can skydive, you can paraglide, you can zipline, you can bungee jump.

There's so much to do there, and it's absolutely beautiful, the vibes are incredible just hanging out on the beach, having beers in the evening with so many cool people around.

One place that I was not thrilled with, was Auckland.

It was probably my least favourite city that I have ever been to in my life.

I found that there was nothing special about it.

I found Christchurch to be an actual pretty neat city.

They had some art exhibits and this part of Christchurch had all these shipping crates with restaurants and stores (container city) I cant remember what it's called but it was really neat.

I didn't do as much as New Zealand as I would have liked.

I thought, you know what I'm going to come back one day, so I'm going to save some of it for when I come back.

I didn't want to see all of it.

The weather.

I went in the summer.

This is important okay? The weather is not what I thought it was going to be.

Especially since I did Australia first, I was not prepared to travel New Zealand.

It got really cold at night, especially in Queenstown.

Jackets are so expensive there, so I just bought cheap hoodies, like extra large and layered multiple hoodies.

So make sure you guys are aware of the weather.

It's not what you may think it's going to be, not what I thought it was going to be at least.

So accommodation in New Zealand, it's really popular to camp if you have a camper van or if you bring a tent.

You will be driving along and see signs of campgrounds where it's either free or only like $5 a person.

And you can just pitch a tent for the night.

There's a couple apps, where you can download maps for specific parts of New Zealand, that will show where the campgrounds are, and how much they are, if they have showers etc.

One of them is "Official Camping NZ" But if you search "Camping New Zealand" on the app store, you'll come across a whole bunch.

We also stayed in hostels.

In New Zealand, not all the hostels are on hostelworld.

I would suggest just googling hostels in each specific town that you need and just give them a call and book.

So a lot of the hostels are very small and intimate, it was actually really good vibes most of the time.

You met a lot of people and it had more of a house/family style.

One of them even had a dog, it was literally a house turned into a hostel, they had this big old lazy dog, which I think that was actually the name of the hostel, The Lazy Dog Hostel.

Hostels are a different experience, don't go thinking you're going to be staying in these luxury hostels.

The towns are so small, there are limited options.

Now for stores, first off, there's a store called The Warehouse.

It was so.

I loved it! I got a cheap sleeping bag for like $15.

I got a sleeping mat for like $10.

That's where I got my $10 hoodies.

Pretty much anything that you need to camp in New Zealand, they will have there.

When it comes to grocery stores, there's three main ones: There's Pak n' Save, there's New World and there's Countdown.

Countdown is what Woolworths is in Australia.

I loved Pak 'n Save, if you have a choice, go to Pak 'n Save.

Again, just travelling New Zealand is not cheap just like Australia is not cheap.

In each of the small towns, there are information sites.

You can just go in and ask any questions you have, they will give you maps and point out different things to do in the area.

Also, if bugs bother you, I react so badly to bug bites There's these things called sand flies, and I didn't know of their existence until i was covered in their bites.

I thought they were mosquito bites and I was like wait a minute, it's been like two weeks and I still have these bites, what's going on?? Yeah, there's sand flies, buy bug spray there, like at the Warehouse, buy it, use it, you will thank yourself later.

One last thing, tap water in New Zealand is pretty much safe to drink all around the country.

So water is actually really expensive, so just have a water bottle to refill.

And that concludes my Backpacking New Zealand F.


Q and tips video! If I did not answer any questions you have, please comment below.

I know there's more that I could have talked about.

But I can't think about it off the top of my head.

So yeah, give this video a big thumbs up, and I will talk to you guys later! Thanks for watching, Bye!.

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