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always Vasileva young Emperor but it is whispered Dowager peas behind the screen of their decisions it appoints and dismisses ministers you wore sentences I decide to be peace or war she was lonely regent who do not lacked good advisers Yes 1908 China's destiny was in her hands first sent to the place of his son in 1870 the fourth year He died on the train derailed lived to eighteen Session adopted a small nephew and remained in power even when it regent later when Crown Prince I oppose it she declared him insane and planted House arrest all this luxury Dowager wanted to show that is able to restore the power of the imperial power It must be undeveloped corner joyful and carefree pastime that surrounds Residence peace and harmony This instruction for garden architecture five hundred years ago Session ordered to perform in the summer Palace Empress does not know life outside palace walls had no idea about poverty and unrest the country and changes in the world fire grip foreigners stretching my hands China against her extravagance expressed protests and the restoration of the palace was temporarily but suspended military Minister Navy remained in her debt it's his son she adopted in As a new small Emperor because the money that was supposed to build the necessary country Navy secretly flowed in the alteration of the palace spend pleasant anticipation Chernichi saetova marble teahouse CESS is loved most tea house in the form of the ship looks like ironic symbol of power and finance Every year from April to tenth October fathers BBC wanting here away from the hot sultry Beijing the huge stone forbidden cities she felt great she taught usually here at boat and in the summer palace, it has always been surrounded by eunuchs servants Order of the day or was regulated ceremonial but here it was free I could contemplate nature ride runners in a boat picnics undermining and sometimes even enjoy seclusion artificial lake divide through the channels of the dam bridge where Whatever else look everywhere mythical animals Left symbols of power through intricate diversity of perspectives that however it seems quite natural there are fabulous views like the one business-changing theater he decorations fabulous scenery that can not getting your feet wet to enjoy any weather roofed galleries stretching for 720 meters prices Beijingers speak this gallery so what if the first exchange words of love in one of its concert but reaching the other end is already You can assign your wedding day on the south side by the defense scattered clouds moored boats birthdays Dowager and a procession of congratulating He dragged to hell GABA at the foot of the pagoda north slope on the other side Hallmark rough terrain conifers and Tibetan temples just a few steps from the pleasant Southern opens another world as if we overcame the way thousands of kilometers in nineteen the year the summer palace was the second time destroyed by foreign troops this slope for eight to ten years He remained a field of ruins it was restored in the the communist era China only a stone Sea wisdom and survived attacks vandals Not all figures if injured while many were later beheaded efforts tourists session, as well as all members of the Manchu dynasty professed Tibetan Buddhism and here again they Guanyin the goddess of mercy in a different guise holy and forms all have a deeper meaning green is the highest inner peace red fire and the joy and the south yellow ground color of China in it painted all imperial roof different parts of the palaces and temples England and courtyards of houses everywhere shared walls housing officials have black roof god of longevity guards imperial archives its roof crowned with horse cq him here by the number and sequence of figures on the roof can be determined Karanka Palace inhabitants pavilion other clouds, and very far from the air and ease it weighs 7 tons pavilion was cast in bronze in 1750 in the fifth year and every time when the palace suffered destruction remained intact in the Annals says that when grinding It drizzled on 5 tons of chips Well Summer Palace is endowed with greatness Imperial Palace but keeping at the same time elegant of ornamental parka in this moment yards and trailed edition intrigue, and that led Chinese Empire to its doom alienation CESS cancel her stubbornness her love of nature and the luxury of the court are required in order that the old palace preserved only from the Imperial Gardens the dream of the Chinese garden architecture I realized here through the highest level artistic skill to achieve committed by natural naturalness P square So no in state.

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