Brazil Travel Tips – enough with the s**t spread.

hi everyone, I'm seeing some Brazilianpeople making some videos on how cr***y Brazil is and they're oftenmaking fun of Zika virus the violence and all and I don't see what their pointis because they're actually not helping at all I don't even understand how they thinkthis is funny people that go to Brazil are more disoriented than anything elseby watching this kind of cr*p don`t come here you're gonna get murdered so I decided to make this videohopefully my tips to help anyone that's going to Brazil at any time so my favorite thing to do whenever I goto a different country is figure out what I`m going to eat and where because I'm a piggy.

In the end of the videoI'm going to list a couple of foods that you really can't miss really.

please don't miss them everywhere new you go you, should be concerned what your risks might be you don't know the place, you don't want to be an easy target remember: I lived in Brazil for over 30years so my advice would be: don't hang outalone outside especially at night you don't want to wear jewelry.

better notif you're indoors then you should be fine with jewelry and expensive stuff you know those money belts? The thing youstick inside your clothes, buy one that's big enough that you can carry your phone,wallet, passport, money try to avoid crowds.

If you can't just dothat: put whatever it's important inside your clothes and you should be fine as for Dengue fever Zika virus blablablathey`re a pain in the a*s nobody wants to have that.

Bug Spray.

I've had Dengue fever, it's no fun.

Bug spray and you want toreapply it every four hours even if you're wearing sleeves andeven with pants on maybe you should consider sprayingit on your clothes because those sneaky mother f***ers can bite you right through the clothes they should be studied by NASA this is serious sh*t – if you can, sprayyour clothes, it might stain in your clothes but at least you're gonna get anydiseases especially because the Zica virus it's unknown yet how bad it is if there`re neurological complications thatmight happen and we don't want to take chances be careful with the Sun it's so warm inthe Sun so strong wear sunscreen, because it can get bad andthen it's going to ruin the whole trip make sure you're hydrated lots of water you really need lots ofwater or you`re going to dehydrate and die likea raisin good stuff to buy there for yourself orto bring as gifts are Brazilian bikinis they are famous worldwide they areconsidered to be the best bikinis there are bikinis and one pieceswimsuits and the quality is amazing they are super sophisticated, they'rephenomenal for real Brazilian flip-flops, like this.

They`re super famous everybody loves them I think they're a great gift also.


Brazilian chocolate is delicious.

Sue me.

I really like it everywhere in Brazil you can find these craft fairs.

They`re awesome, you can find all sort of jewelry, stuff for the house are something arts Something you can`t miss his cachaça.

In São Paulo where I'm from we call it ''pinga'' too Cachaça is more of an international name of itbecause apparently ''pinga'' means penis Cachaça is kind of like a tequilaWhile tequila`s made of the agave, cachaça is made of the sugarcane and it`s and if you can, bring some home.

It`s a nice gift, very unique.

if a whole bottle is too big, you can buy miniatures something youdon't wanna miss are girls in bikinis and boys in speedos ha great-looking people something else that Brazil's known is for high-quality jewelry.

They almostexclusively work with 18 karat gold which is the best there is and the gems are the best the ocean`s tricky.

If you're not an experienced swimmer and if you don't know the areait can be very dangerous and there are sharks.

yes there are sharks, so please becareful this is what the rescue people adviseis when you're.

when the water is by your belly button, it`s already dangerous carefully withchildren don't lose them write your phone number on their bodies you have to put a leash on them justscrew everybody else why do you care, just put a leash, it`s your child, if they freaking disappear it`s your problem and I'm saying that becausethe crowds there can get weird and we never know.

One thing you don't want todo is.

even Brazilians do that, like the bloggers.

I`m outside of Copacabana-freaking-Palace with my brand-new iPhone oh I'm gonna take a selfie and they go like this ''oh, I had my phone stolen''.

Obviously! careful with sketchy neighborhoods every country has sketchy neighborhoods I believe don't go and explore areasthat you're not one hundred percent sure are safe for you to go be very careful with the GPS.

I`ve heardsome very tragic sad stories about people that follow the gps and got inside a bad neighborhood and never came out of it if you`re lucky enough to have a Brazilian friend, you should take your Brazilian friend with you isn`t it what everyone would do? try to know how to speak some stuff in Portuguese I think super friendly when you're goingto a *trying to say foreign* Foreign place and greet them in their first language the basics are: ''oi'' means ''hi''.

''Bom dia'' means ''good morning'', ''boa tarde'' means ''good afternoon'' '`Boa noite'' means ''good night'' ''Por favor'' means ''please'' Brazil has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes I`ve ever seen in my life.

it's really breathtaking.

It's completelyworth the visit, the currency rate is very fab.



''tá tranquilo, tá favorável'' yeah.

oh, Brazilian songs! tThey're fun as sh*t.

On Spotify there`s this made in Brazil area You can find all sort of trendy stuff I hope you guys enjoy your stay in Brazil you're going to find one of the mostfriendly people I think there's so much going on inBrazil, everything so much harder there like Jack on Lost ''if you don't learn to live togetheryou're going to die alone'' definitely changed Brazilians DNAPeople are just born stronger I think this is why so I'm going to continue this manual with a guide on how the cultural differences are I think they`re super fun next video I'm going to putthe link here somewhere if you have any questions I`ll gladlyanswer them.

It's such a fun laid-backcountry that you're going to fall in love with ok?! B-bye!.

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