Eat & Shop at MyeongDong Shopping Street/명동거리/Korean Top Tourist Attraction



Hey guys! So we're at Myeongdong street This is the beginning of Myeongdong street and we'll show you around Myeondong Ahhhhh!! Oh this is a really famous one This is tornado potato I don't know if that's what they call it Oh and a lot of tourists A lot of tourists have been trying to buy seaweed these days because Korean roasted seaweed is really really popular so like you see it them selling it on the streets everywhere How much is this sausage? How much is it? 3000 won! Korean bears~ Korean stuff.

This is like Korean bungeoppang and it's like like bread that looks like goldfish but they put icecream in it I haven't tried it yet but it's like a new item on the Myeongdong street and it's really famous so I think Myeongdong's always trying to make new items to sort of like get more tourists to come to their stands but we should try it! I haven't tried the one with icecream in it I think they put honey in it How much is it? 4000 won! Wow icecream is so expensive.

Do you want one? Give us one 🙂 It's 4000 won! 4000 won 🙂 A bit more.

Wow he gives us a lot of honey! They give you so much.

So much beeswax What do you even call that? Honey? Oh my god They gave me so much honey and it looks so sweet but let's try it it's really sweet! How is it? It's really sweet but it's really good and you know this.

you know this bread part it's like really warm so it's really good one for the cameraman Oh look! Namsan tower! That's Namsan tower Donkatsu It's gonna turn around So weird.

Okay so the Korean news said there's going to be a lot of youke at Myeongdong and everyone's like "What is youke?" but actually it's 'youke' which means travelers in Chinese so apparently there's going to be a lot of travelers like Chinese travelers so actually you see more people speaking Chinese at Myeongdong than Japanese so something you can keep in mind maybe if you know Chinese it will be easier to travel in Korea now Bye! Zaijian! Zaijian~.

Source: Youtube