How I Afford Travel in Japan (Cost & Tips!) |今年使った国内旅行のコツ

Hello Everyone! I'm KemushiChan / Loretta ! Today I want to talk to you guys about cheap ways to travel in Japan, and my 3 favorite ways to do that especially if you are not on a Tourist Visa / JR Pass.

I have been traveling a LOT this summer and I noticed, at the end of every month I would look at my bank account like.

"IT'S ZERO AGAIN!!! WHY?!?!" I'm pretty sure this is one of my newest culture shocks since moving back to Japan but I clearly did not anticipate the difference between what it's like to travel lin Japan with a JR pass which is very affordable and cost-effective versus traveling Japan without the JR pass.

This summer I traveled mostly from Tokyo to Kansai and also once from Tokyo to Kyushu so this summer I rode the bullet train, a bus and a plane and basically, here's what I thought about it! My favorite way to travel out of these 3 by FAR was the bullet train.

It's easy, you just get on at the station.

it zips up, you hop in and sit down at either your reserved or unreserved seat and the WHOOOO you go and that's it! But obviously the biggest set back to that is it's expensive.

The trip that I took from Tokyo to Kyoto that was a little over 30,000 yen a little over 300 US dollars.

So it's an expensive option but it was quick and easy.

Just the one ride was almost the entire cost of a JR pass so I was like: "Did I really just spend $300 on a roundtrip ticket?" Well, it didn't shock me until I used another option.

You may have noticed in recent videos but I took a plane to Kyushu! I was curious because our flight to Kyushu was so cheap about 20,000 yen or $200 US dollars so when I looked up the same airline to go from Tokyo to Kyoto or Tokyo to Osaka it was actually cheaper than the bullet train.

If you use the domestic airline "JetStar" it's pretty easy to get a cheap ticket For about 20,000 yen or $200 USD So it's like your saving $100 dollars.

Like, "Why did I even take the train? It's cheaper just to fly?!" But it's not convenient.

You might have to play extra for a bus or train to get TO the airport you can't really check bags if you use the cheap Jetstar option and planes in general, going through security is a pain and then if your flight's delayed, which it was, the idea that the plane CAN be cheaper than the train but just a little more inconvenient.

I guess it's like, "which one works best for you?" The 3rd option that I recently tried is that I took the night bus for the first time ever! So I traveled over "O-Bon", Japan's most traveled season so the prices were even more expensive but in total I payed 13,000 JPY, about $130 USD To ride the bus all the way from Tokyo to Osaka roundtrip.

Clearly the cheapest option.

They're almost all $100 less than each other It was.


I mean, it was a bus.

It was by no means fast, it took almost 9 or 10 hours to get there and we took like 3 billion thousand stops along the way this option is probably the least English friendly the website can be in English but the process of finding where the bus actually is listening to the announcer and everything like that the English is more limited than the other options but it's definitely the cheapest.

I paid extra to get the seat in the back so I could recline as much as I want & not be bothered.

Good night! That was great.

But in general, it's basically that you can travel in a really cheap, quick or convenient way and you can usually get 2 of those 3 factors but all 3 doesn't really exist.

So that's what I've noticed this summer.

IF you are coming on a tourist visa I highly recommend looking into the JR pass I really think it will save you money if you are NOT on the JR pass I just found out about something similar to it for people who are in Japan more long term So, my friend Angela on her channel "Internationally Me" posted a video on the day I came back from Osaka on the bus and she mentioned something I've never heard of before called the Seishun 18 Kippu basically a ticket that within a certain amount of time you are given unlimited rides on local and express trains in Japan kind of like the JR pass, almost.

but the prices is really good, you should check out her video So that was my feelings about it My favorite was by far the bullet train and then it's still a toss up between the bus and the plane 'cause its like cheap vs convenient, cheap vs convenient.

!!!UGH!!! What's more important?! So that was my interesting summer traveling in Japan.

What are your favorite ways to travel and what are your cheap tricks to getting around? Let me know in a comment below and check out Angela's video on the Seishun 18 Kippu because that seems like the next best option.

So, thanks so much for watching today! If you liked this video please don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! I'll see you guys in the next video! Hold on there! One last quick note in regards to WiFi if you are planning to travel anywhere out side of Tokyo and you're looking for WiFi a pocket, mobile WiFI router is probably your best option This is the pocket wifi router I've been using provided by Ninja Wifi and they have a good deal for anyone who wants a DISCOUNT on pocket Wifi.

The WiFi is probably the fastest I've ever seen in Japan I really like it and have been using it to upload all of my YouTube videos so if you like, check the link underneath the video for a discount and to get set up it's easy, they'll send it to you and you'll be ready to go on your next visit to Japan!.

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