istanbul In One Day Sightseeing Tour

– Welcome to Istanbul.

– This city is huge and full of history.

– And it is the only city on earth that belongs to two continents.

– Istanbul is by far my favorite city now, and the sites are stunning.

The mosques that we're going into have these tiled rooves, and domes, and are like nothing I have ever seen.

– I am standing in frontof the Topkapi Palace, which was the largest palace for sultans in the 15th century, and inside there aretons of gorgeous views of the Bosphorous Sea, andalso the largest treasury.

We have a lot to look at inside.

This beautiful building I'm standing in is the Imperial Court,this is where they had all kinds of meetings and decided all kinds of laws, things like that.

Everything is covered in gold leaf.

There are these domeceilings, it's just gorgeous.

The Hagia Sophia does not look that fancy on the outside but once you get in it it is breathtaking, andit's famous for this huge dome on top and forByzantine architecture.

It's just stunning.

– This is the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

It is the largest bazaarin the entire world.

There are approximately 4,000 shops here, and there are shops selling everything, but the one that catchesmy eye is the pottery shop, so let's go check this place out.

This place is cool, it'sactually a small shop, but it's packed full ofpottery and plates and vases.

I don't think I'd feel worthy of eating dinner on such a beautiful plate.

One the great thingsabout the Grand Bazaar, is you come into a shopand they order you tea.

This store is so cool.

It's full of thousands of pashmina shawls.

They're made out of silk, and cotton and the beard from a goat.

They're beautiful.

Mom's love them.

Wow Istanbul is amazing.

– We absolutely love this place.

I think my favorite part had to be seeing the Blue Mosque and also (inaudible).

It is awe inspiring.

– My favorite part was definitely seeing all of the beautiful sites.

Definitely the most grandestof bazaars I've ever been to, it is so awesome.

– You will absolutely love this city.

– You're gonna love it.

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