Rome Quick Travel Tips ✩ Part 2

We wanted to give you just a few more tips one of them is mainly for girls and mainly for the summer, if you go in the churches here in Rome as well in all Italy you just have to cover yourself because it's like for respect you cannot enter with like tank tops your shoulder uncover your everything out just cover yourself, so we just got to St.

Petter after a line of something like 30 minutes something like that just remember when you go every churches in Italy, just to cover your self up, so if you don't want to buy like scarf's very expensive scarf's just in front of the church, just put something on and you're good to go (yo yo lo hago) lol, another tip always for girls or I don't know if guys like to wear high heels but for girls here in Italy is not a really high heels friendly City so if you wear high heels you're in Italy or here especially in Rome because the street is made sometimes of little rock's, they are called sanpietrini, your heels will get (ajhdfgv) how do u say (stuck) so it's not really a pleasure walking high heels (you can also broke your feet) yeah just wear boots or low shoes you will be sexy anyway another tip i'm going to give you guys and it's really important you to know is how to cross the streets here in Rome Roman people is not crazy( a little bit) you know but it's hard sometimes for tourist's to cross the streets because sometimes there's no traffic light that let you know if you can cross or not, there's a few places like in downtown near by the Vatican City and stuff, there's no traffic light for people walking, (pedestrians) of stuff so the thing that you have to do is just to look around if you can cross if you see that somebody's driving really fast don't cross don't hesitate to cross if you're crossing just cross the confidence and the people is going to stop , they will stop Romans will stop don't worry we will not kill you.

eheheheh (papidipupi) (Peter Griffin speaking Italian) lol just cross and don't worry thanks for watching guys I hope you liked this video and this is my beautiful amazing Italian girlfriend Francesca (hi guys) and I am Mexican my name is Rodrigo (my boy) and keep loving life and keep traveling.

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