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Hey guys it's Alex I love living in Japan and here is another reason why.

If you're planning on coming to Japan, especially if you're planning on coming to Tokyo, I'm assuming your probably going to spend a little bit of time in Shinjuku.

It's the kind of, the central hub of Tokyo.

You'll probably go there eventually I mean a lot of train lines come through Shinjuku it's the biggest train station in the world.

If you come to Tokyo obviously you have to check out Shinjuku.

If you've ever seen Tokyo in movies you've probably seen Shinjuku it's usually where they film.

It's a really cool area so it's absolutely massive there's so many people there and it has everything.

It's very popular for shopping it's really popular for restaurants, going out, everything, it's the central hub, very very cool area.

A couple unique parts if you go there you should check out.

The first one is it's called Kabukicho and it's kinda greasy or or "the dangerous" part of Shinjuku where I guess the Yakuza or the Japanese mafia, kind of, they all hang out, or reside.

It's completely safe i mean my experience anyway I've been there a few times and haven't had any issues.

It's all lit up really it's like neon but like really greasy neon like it's really cool.

It just seems so scummy when you're there.

I feel like I want to wash my hands like consistently.

Yeah it's a really cool area.

So if you go there you have to check out Kabukicho also a Golden Gai which is kind of a bar district in Shinjuku a lot of really cool bars, a lot of really cool traditional style bars, a kind of unique style.

It's really cool.

They have some huge department stores, some really famous ones.

Isetan is there it's the, I can't shop.

I dunno who shops there it's so expensive.

But it's cool if you want to check it out.

A lot of different restaurants a lot of different bars and it's huge like the first four or five times I went to Shinjuku when I had first moved there I used to.

I drank quite a bit and went out and like the first four or five times I went there, I didn't really.

I just followed the crowd, I didn't really know where I was like I didn't realize it was the same place until I kind of connected the dots I was like "Whoa! This area's huge! There's so much stuff!" But it's cool it's the neon it's the big screen TVs very Downton feeling.

It's a big business district as well most of Tokyo was designed and built like this.

Shinjuku's one area that's kind of built up so they have the skyscrapers there and stuff like that but it's ya it's a business district, it's cool.

There's uh, there's anything you want there you know if you come to Japan you absolutely have to check out Shinjuku.

I think you obviously will just if not too, you know, using the Shinkansen or using any train you'll probably pass through it anyway.

But i really really recommend it even if you don't go into anywhere you don't even need to make a plan you don't need to plan to go anywhere you can just literally walk around for like 1 or 2 hours and really see a lot of cool stuff.

It's huge like if you take the JR (train).

it's one station, it's the biggest train station in the world but it kind of has two parts they're not.

there's no kind of path, I mean there might be through the shopping centers but there's two station sections so depending on where you get out you're going to be quite far apart from the other place so you might want to bring a map if you're planning on like you're planning on.

if you have a restaurant that says "in Shinjuku" or you have a shopping center you want to go to don't just go to the station and like leave out an exit you could be like 20 minutes 30 minutes away walking like it's that.

the station's like a city, is huge.

So I remember I used to have a friend who's like "I'll meet you, let's meet at Shinjuku Station" it's like, that's not good enough.

It's huge there's no.

where are we going to meet? But yeah so really cool area.

In Shinjuku if you hang around near the Yamanote line near the JR tracks, it's above ground soon you'll be able to see it, you can find some really cool bars tucked under the the train tracks.

It's kind of like you're Yurakucho really really cool, unique experience.

But yea I mean Shinjuku is amazing.

Literally anything you want to do you can you there.

If you want to have expensive sushi you can have expensive sushi, if you want to go to a greasy little bar you can go to a greasy little bar, if you wanna go shopping for expensive stuff you can go shopping for expensive stuff if you wanna go shopping for cheap stuff if you want to do.

literally you can do anything you want there.

It's crazy, it's huge, it's just skyscraper after skyscraper each floor is a restaurant or an event center or bowling or tennis or whatever.

It's like everything you could possibly want to do it so it's a lot of fun for night out.

Anyways thank you a lot for watching this video is kind of an overview of Shinjuku I might, I can't really.

if i go into the details this video is going to be like two hours long so I might do like Nishi-Shinjuku like district-by-district videos a little bit more detailed and show you some like recommended shops or recommended restaurants or whatever later.

But this is just kind of an overview of Shinjuku so you can see what it's like.

Yeah definitely, definitely go if you come to uh if you come to Tokyo.

Anyways thank you so much for watching.

Again my name's Alex usually I do videos on different Japanese places, Japanese foods what living here as a foreigners like.

I've been here for about two-and-a-half years now.

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Thank you a lot for supporting if you're still watching.

Thank you so much I really really appreciate it and you know if you have any questions about anything please leave me a comment let me know.

If there's anything you'd like me to make a video on in the future please, yea again, leave a comment let me know and i'll do my best.

Anyways thank you so much for watching and hopefully see you in Japan sometime have a really really really nice day.

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