Should Us Men move to Brazil for Good?: Passport Kings Travel Video

Should Black Men be moving to Brazil forgood? My Guess today, Charles Tyler, he says yes.

He's from the famous Brazil and African American Facebook Group, Called African-American men& Afro-brazilians would you date? We're about to get to thebottom of this engage!!! Alright, before I get into the excellent conversation that I had with Charles Tyler about moving to Brazil for good, I want to apologize for not capturingthis entire excellent video on HD camera.

I mean, we couldn't just rerecorded theSkype session but i didnt want to loose any of the emotion that was had during ourconversation.

So, I've added a bunch of visuals related to audio but yet, this is a condensed version for time restrictions.

you can catch the entire video by signing up to my mailing list in the description below.

So, sign up to my mailing list now and now without further ado, here is the shortened version of that interview Well, I'll tell you what.

The things is, right, is that, I look at it this way with the umm.

The sensuality of the African American Woman these days is going down! In the fact that.

The Want to look like dudes these days! They want to be up with us and everything like that It's hard to find a GOOD Black Woman Then on top of that, A good black man It's like he's ostracized in America A good black man is looked down on like, you know, "OH he's too nice!" "Oh you know, he's not Man enough for me!" even though.

like I said in one of my videos in the past.

I had a girl 1 time who asked me, She couldnt date me because I didn't have acriminal record have a criminal record I'm sorry baby but I guess that won't.

I guess you and I weren't meant to be because I will never have a criminal record ok no I will im yes you know you know, that type of mentality we live in, in today's society of.

With the post love hip-hop, NBA wives mentality And said to say it's no longer, it's not just affecting our women It's also affecting our young men.

They are starting to act like, with feminine mentalities too- as well You know, I want to get.

When I started Travelling.

I seen it myself, I just got, me and my ex-wife we broke up, we were no longer together we divorced.

and all you know, and I'm the type of man that needs a woman! Aint no such thing as a man that dont need no woman let me tell you something, if a man that doesn't need a woman, let me tell you this right now.

he's a DEADMAN! Alright, it's just that simple! A woman will get you, straighten you, instruct you.

There is certain things about a man that only a woman can fix.

That's why woman is always behind the man.

Cause she still holds him up to some degree When he tries to fall back.

look cooking crap, you aint out there eating that Garbage.

She tries to check em when he comes down and he's smoking to much And she keeps him out of all of all of these beds he keeps jumping into you know because man would jump into a million beds if he.

You know The thing about it is.

You could get 2 things.

You could catch something, or you can catch a bullet in your ass too! Jump into a man's bed with his woman! And it's happened to me! I know! Alright, I Know.

Knowing my weaknesses.

Knowing that I love women.

I know what I need to get.

At my age, I need to get 1 woman to take care of me.

and everything like that but guess what? Today's African American Women don't fit the bill anymore! And I don't bash african-american women.

I just wantafrican-american women to realize why we're leaving.

Why we're getting our Passports! Why the good men are going going to countries like Brazil going to countries like um Columbia and stuff like that those women down there, they got theblueprint! my father gave me the blueprint.

My Father married his his second who's from el Salvador.

and they've been married twenty years now ahight- they have 2 kids together and everything like that.

And dispite a lot of things my Father done "shady" she's still with him and she's taken care of him and I really believe that had she not been around My Father would not be around either Fortunately for him, he met her in the states alright, he met her in the states but taking that blueprint I said to myself being the fact that I was also married to a foreigner too I said I'm going to take this a little further, I'm going to go REAL south I'm going to go to another continent! Alright! I'm going to go all the way to Brazil.

I heard all these things about Brazil and everything like that I finally decided I wanted to come down there! And, I did all of my research.

Everything I needed to know.

And you know, when I got down there, here is a country for the first time you ever get someone who tells you "oh this place is going to be like this.

and this place is going to be like that.

Then you get there expecting that and it doesn't turn out that way? Brazil fit the bill PERFECTLY It was everything everybody said it was going to be! you know, I fell in love with the culture.

and I fell in love with the women! When I got the experience, not just the beauty.

These women are beautiful inside and out! not ready to go to war with you.

And not ready to fight you on every word that come out your mouth and everything like that! to come out your mouth everything like that.

They know.

Brazilian women, they know the man is first! And they respect the men! OK and we are not looking for slaves! We're not looking for strap-ford wives or anything like that.

We're looking for a woman that doesn't want to fight you on every little thing.

it's like we are walking on egg-shells around, in other words.

That's the way it was with me.

I was afraid, im walking on egg-shells.

I say or might do something wrong.

oh this moods going to go off! I say or might do something wrong.

I might give a rose to a woman, she go off! and I'm like, Brazilian women, they appreciate everything you do for them especially when you're a gentleman ok, they appreciate stuff like that.

They appreciate you, being there taking them out to dinner.

Showing them a good time.

Pulling a chair out for them, STuff here, you would be called a simp for! Down there, you're praised for it! I went to Brazil back in August of 2011.

I just fell in love with it from day one! When I got.

Put it like this, when I got back to the states, I stayed down there for about 3 weeks.

And when I got back to thestates when that plane landed in Charlotte and I had to go to Philadelphia from there but when it landed in charlotte, I felt SOO empty! I felt like.

"Why am I here?" Here this is the country that I was born in, I know the language and everything like that but I felt like I was so disconnected with this country after that trip.

And I was like, you know what I can't do this, I can't do this! Yo, I need another airline ticket.

Yeah/ Yeah Set it up for, yeah set it up for the end of the month! alright, the next month I was down there! Then I kept coming down there again and again every other Month! Alright, I didnt mean to cut out so much but I know that my subscribers perfer shortened videos but like I said before to get the restvideo for absolutely free sign up in my mailing list below and i'll send it directly to your email for free! and remember, as kings we may sometimes have to make decisionsthat make drastically change the outcome but you know what? its just part of manhood! You may make the best decision you may not.

but figure out your morals and your values and do the choice that aligns with those! and like George Bush did with that war inIraq, your just going to have to live with the consequences! but you'll know that you did what youfelt was the right thing to do you know what that is? That's making Boss decisions like a king.

A Passport King I'll talk to ya'll later, PEACE!.

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