The Worst TRAVEL TIPS in the World

Ain't nothing better than low-cost traveling.

Except maybe normal traveling.

A Slovak guy taking over YouTube I will make your mom laugh and you too.

*TRAVELING* I am a very eager traveller.

I always want to taste all kinds of local food everywhere I go it usually has consequences.

Mmmhm, delicious! So delicious! I puked in Spain, Tanzania, Peru, Argent—- You meet all kinds of horrible people while travelling, especially when it comes to tourists like those who learn 2 or 3 phrases in a foreign language and they use them all the time, thinking how awesome they are Umm.

we'd like to order.

Tres cervezas wow, good Spanish man! that's cool, man! Anything else? No, no, no.

2100:01:02,580 –> 00:01:03,560Actually wait! Gracias! are you Spanish man? Dude, perfect pronunciation! – – – I also can't stand those over-enthusiastic ones that were everywhere and did everything So, today we're going to be taking a hike through the Yosemite valley to the Yosemite village, or the "Curry village" and then after that we are going to go down to the Serene National Forest Park Are you okay? Oh yeah, sorry.

I just read about that trek a lot.

it's so similar to when I was in Brazil 2 year ago.

actually more similar to Mexico, 3 years ago.

we hiked some really tough mountains there And then you got those tourists with all kinds of allergies, who are extremely paranoid before every hike I know it's in lowlands, but altitude sickness can hit you.


Why are there so many people coughing in our group? Uuuh, the sun is really really strong today.

A very low chance of malaria? So there is a chance! Travelling can get pretty uncomfortable doesn't matter if it's a bus or a plane there are situations where you wanna kill the whole world.

Another thing that annoys me sometimes is the room service They have no sense of timing You look really gorgeous today you too.

We don't need anything right now, thank you! Could you come later, please? No room service, go away! What the f—-? The most embarassing travel situation I experienced was when my girlfriend was seasick on a ship She ran to the toilet and wasn't coming back for like 15 minutes, so I got scared.

and there were like 8 toilets and I wasn't completely sure which one she was in.

Honey, are you okay? just take a deep breath, just relax, we'll be back at the harbor soon it's nothing serious, you are just seasick.

I'm sorry, do you mind? I'm trying to have a shit.

Some people, after they return from a short vacation, they act like they completely changed.

I don't get it.

You know, I truly found spirituality in Thailand I meditate every day, I eat only vegan food and I even started doing yoga! a lifechanging experience.

How long have you been there? Just a couple of hours, had a connecting flight there.

Cmon, you know I love travelling.

It makes me happy, it's my passion, it broadens my horizons.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

I also have a travel channel where you can see how I visit some of the most unknown, yet extraordinary places in the world.

Check it out here if you like some adventure and I'll be glad if you subscribe to that channel as well.

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