Hi everyone, it's Carlynn here! It's been quite a while since my first video.

Cause I have been busy with my exams and assignments.

In my last video, I said that I love to travel and I have travelleda lot with my families and I also travelled once with my friends.

So I'm gonna talk about my tips on travelling.

It is not easy for a person to plan a trip.

So if you are planning to go for a trip withyour friends and family, plan it 3 months earlier or a year earlier because every trip that plan out last minutedo not success.

If you like to go for a backpacking trip findgood partners to go with.

Some humans do not know what is the meaningof backpacking.

Backpacking is a trip that does not consumea lot of money.

And that means we don't sleep in any 5-starshotels.

We don't eat any 5-stars food.

We choose budget places to sleep.

Camping is the best way when you're on yourbackpacking trip.

Other than that, book your plane tickets earlier if you'replanning to go overseas or planning to go somewhere that needs totake a plane.

Booking plane tickets earlier can save yousome money.

They usually sell cheaper plane tickets ifyou book the plane tickets earlier.

Instead of buying expensive plane tickets, use the money to buy some food when you'reon your trip.

I personally feel that going on a trip withmy family is much more easier than going to trip with friends.

Because my parents do all the booking andplanning for the trip.

I just have to pack my clothes and get inthe car with them.

While travelling with is fun, but you need to have a lot of teamwork.

We need to book for our hotels, pay for our plane tickets, and find some interesting places to visit.

So, there is a lot to do when you're goingon a trip with friends.

So in order to make it easier, organize everyone a part for them to settleit.

For example, Friend A book plane tickets, Friend B book hotels, and Friend C find some interesting placesto visit.

Few days before the trip, set a day and ask all the friends who wentto the trip together and have a meet up.

In the meet up, reconfirm the date, time, days of the trip and make sure that everything is set beforegoing to the trip.

Well, it is normal for us to take pictureswhen we travel, right? For girls, we probably choose nice clothes to bring tothe trip, and we also bring a lot of cosmetics to lookgood on screen.

For we, humans, also bring hair shampoo, body shampoo, face cleanser, this and that, yeah many more, right.

So going to a trip may be difficult if webring so many stuff with us.

Share the shampoo and stuff with your friendsjust for a few days on the trip.

Shampoo can be used by any gender, right? There's no harm sharing a shampoo just for afew days.

For cosmetics, I know it's unhygiene to share it with yourfriends, but maybe you can just bring some simple cosmetics and do some simple, natural-looking make up.

Do not bring too many clothes cause it isnot convenient and it only makes your luggage heavier, and it is hard for you to carry it.

Bring less clothes, but make sure you bring pretty clothes.

Finding friends who want to go for a triptogether is easy, but do not find a whole bunch of friends togo for a trip together.

Limit 6 to 8 person in a group is enough.

Finding more than 10 person is very complicatedand difficult when it comes to the time that everyone needsto pay for the travel fees.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you both have nothing to do on your comingholiday or coming semester break.

Why not plan a short trip and spend some sweet time together? For couples, who want to go for a trip, my tips is to just enjoy and do not argueover some small matters.

Sometimes, you both hardly even spend time with each other, so try not to mess up a short and nice tripjust because some small matters.

And this is all my tips for travelling.

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