Top 5 Travel Tips in Japan

I did it finally! 47 prefectures all have traveled in Japan! North from Hokkaido south to Okinawa It was cold Metchakucha is when I started the journey in Hokkaido in February Almost seems yesterday of Toko.

I can not believe I was already over The conclusion of the journey was the Okinawa was the best.

It was a vacation mood.

Sunlight was comfortable.

I Okinawa really was the best because it is LA born.

Thank you very much for all support It was able to grow a large channel Thanks to everyone While the journey is a break.

I because I have traveled much this seven months.

Edit and stayed up until about the morning of 3 and 4 to the UP I think it was a year not the most sleep 2016.

From the beginning in February until now.

In addition to begin the journey think I want to sleep a lot Everyone wants to take a lot of Birogu in Tokyo be nice if me enjoying Besides travel content Also or introduced elsewhere in Tokyo! Certainly comment if there is a request of something video.

Make a video like me enjoy even everyone make fun is I I wish I could do something in the near future together! By taking advantage of my experience not just recent report today, I advice you think I want 5 Tsushi of in order to travel to Japan.

47 prefectures all go, and a variety of experience, I think it is accurate advice because I stayed in the hotel.

To meet people around the country, it was and participate in the festival.

To introduce five advice on travel to Japan Me first one is gonna be at all without speak the Japanese okay! Should it certainly speak.

I have never come to know the basic representation.

It survives when the Japanese can speak Japanese want to know me very friendly.

Try to Kureyo become a very kind and force local people I thing politely ask.

Be more hope or description refers to the finger Do not worry because even in most of the region there is a English brochure Taxi, train, someone absolutely if you want to ride the bus will tell So please do not worry about the language barrier in Japan.

But most of the Japanese do not speak English I try to Kureyo somehow help the people very friendly Second is better to be operated in Japan.

I can not drive in Japan unfortunately.

Have forgot has expired license of the United States I have not been able yet I do not I have to update.

Now But I'm not qualified to operate in the United States not only Japan w Tokyo by being able to drive, Osaka, can act even in areas outside of Kyoto Fukui, Gifu, I enjoy sightseeing in Wakayama Toka region.

It is possible to go to the tourist attractions we is not close from the station was carried out if there is a car Such location'm only just off the beaten path that is not listed in the tourist books.

Japanese are places such as do not know most of the foreigners I know.

So absolute car's recommended But it is a road to drive a little difficult because it is contrary to the United States I think I get maybe even But I do not know because never drove in here.

I think I get used to but The third thing is interacting with the local people.

But of course it is also possible to listen to the Toka Driving Directions Really good thing is to hear well-known local food, drink, for the festival.

It is best to listen to the local people that the local 's Pretty hard to find out all by yourself.

Also to there is also a limit to examine the site.

I do not have so much riding on Japan travel site for foreigners.

Or it may not have been translated into English But be certain of is in Japanese So it is best to listen to local people It can reduce the time to investigate Me politely tell us hear something famous food 've Got to ask questions and interact with the local people.

I really recommend 4 Tsumeda.

Stay in Japan of the hotel is the best.

I think that it is often used in overseas Toka Air bnb Toka Hostel But we have a business hotel in Japan.

The hotel is in a small room I do not gym Toka many facilities such as a luxury hotel It's very beautiful I'm insanely cheap.

You can stay at night 4,5000 yen.

Bed, shower, toilet also lucky in a very clean room Toothbrush, have all also all those other necessary It at all better than a hostel, I'm not at all cheaper than hotels.

So I really recommend Try to check all means because they listed various business hotel in Toka Booking.

Com Famous' s a Apa Toyoko Inn is also famous.

It's near the station in most of the province.

It's a little higher than a hostel for that reason.

I from the station or there in front of the eye.

Walking to the hotel, taxi, I say may not go home by bus.

The last advice is to participate in as many as possible of the local festival! I have a deep festival history in their respective regions.

Also we look at of course but fun learn much about it in the region I because there is a historic meaning.

So I want you to check absolutely if there is an opportunity Nebuta of Aomori is especially recommended.

Namahage festival of Akita was also the best.

Both'm there in February.

But during the winter very cold Come, I want you to go to the absolute look for local festival Not regret absolutely because not be seen in other countries Do all or who enjoy video? Now goes to UP a lot of video! Daily Birogu, Toka impressions about Odigo47, The following video's about went with mom Japanese inn.

1, 2 months But long ago I do not care because it is a little bit before the video hairstyle difference is Thanks for watching everyone! Everyone let me know in the comments if any advice when traveling Japan! I TOP5 think that I was introduced this time.

But it might be there are other.

It was introduced that everyone wants to know absolutely so that it can be the best of the Nippon Travel Agency In Thanks for watching! Also in the next video!.

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