Hello everybody! I am here to help you to find the cheapest/right flight tickets.

Is SkyScanner the only flight option we have? Nope, we do have different methods to get cheap flights.

For instance, which day should we fly out on? Why do we choose SkyScanner over others? What time should we fly? When should we buy a flight ticket? I'll share five different flight tips with you guys.

And I'll explain more flight tips later.

Let's start with the first flight tip.

You guys have bought cheap flights off some websites.

Maybe priceline? Expedia? Kayak? These websites are very common for booking flight tickets.

I highly recommend you to use these sites.

Momondo SkyScanner Google Flight You might wonder why? Generally, international airlines (not in the United States) tend to be much cheaper than the United States' airlines.

Google Flight, Momondo, and SkyScaner can analyze and discover all cheap flights from International airlines.

These sites are much better than Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, etc that are based in the United States.

Because they all are heavily connected with United States' airlines, so they usually discover cheap flights from them.

They do have international airlines, but not much as other sites.

The other sites do offer more price ranges, which easily lead you to find the cheapest flight ticket! You might have to pay $100 more on Priceline, Expedia, etc.

So you're better off to use SkyScanner, Google Flight, Momondo, etc.

Here's the second tips.

I highly recommend you to buy one-way flight.

I'm not fond of roundtrip tickets.

Sometimes you'll find a good roundtrip deal.

But I'll always stick with one way flight.

It's all about airline brand.

When you fly out of the United States, you probably get a different price for that.

When you return to the United States, you can go with a different airline brand, and it might be much cheaper than the same airline brand you flew.

Roundtrip is based on combining the price of two flight tickets (out and in), so sometimes the same airline has a great price for getting out of the United States, but it's more cost on returning.

For instance, you paid $150 a roundtrip for flying out of the United States to Europe.

You had a great time in Europe.

When you're finished, then you'll have to pay $300 for returning to your home.

That's $450 a roundtrip.

Nah, let's go with one way flight.

You can pay $150 for one way flight.

Please take your time to search the other airline brands' flight ticket for returning.

Maybe you discover $150 or cheaper for returning.

That's $300 – $350 right there.

So you can save your money! Now you know it's pointless to buy a roundtrip.

You better off to buy one way flight with two different airlines! That's what I've been doing for last two years.

I believe I've saved around $2,000 dollars.

Here's the third tips! Which is the best day for flying out? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? Hmm, which one? I learned that the best days are on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! Why? These days are when the most of people do not buy flight tickets.

That's when you should buy your flight ticket.

Here's the fourth tips! When should you book your flight? If it's much closer to the date you want to fly tends to be expensive! For International flights, you better off to book your flight 4 to 6 months in advance.

4 to 6 months.

You can get lucky to book some great flight deals early (1-2 months).

But if it's too last minute, ah, you'll have to pay much more money.

For domestic airlines, you only need to book your flight tickets 1 to 2 months in advance.

It's easy to book some good flight deals.

Sometimes we do get lucky to have some great flight deals at last minute.

So you can get your empty seat on the plane.

Unfortunately, the majority of flight seats tend to be bad if you book your flight at last minute.

I recommend you to book your flight in few months advance, so you can get better seats.

Now you know more about flight tips.

I'll explain you more flight secrets or tips later.

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