Hi people! Welcome to channel "The People Need to Talk About Travel "! That sounds so much better in English.

Well, there's a reason I'm speaking English today.

It's because I'm in Brazil, in my hometown, São Paulo and I want to show you, Brazilians or who do not speak Portuguese all the highlights of this amazing city where I was born As you may know, I had a lot of work to put this legend so let your like, comment and Subscribe! I think when we visit a big city, especially in a very hot country like Brazil, you need to be careful with some things that maybe you would not mind being in Europe or the United States For example, they are 9 am and already 24, so imagine when noon.

I'm already sweating.

I'm very used to this kind of temperature, so I'm not wearing very bright colors, but I suggest you think about what you will wear.

I suggest very light things, short sleeves, conforáveis ​​things.

I'm wearing jeans, comfortable shoes, a little open to ventilate the feet, Because you know, it's hot and sometimes a little uncomfortable when you are too closed shoes As you can see, I'm sweating like a pig.

Something you can not forget, even if no call.

"Oh, I do not use sunscreen" Please: use sunscreen when you is in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, Rio even more.

I have a little that I can carry with me, so when I see that I need to pass again, I use.

You women or men who have long hair always have a hairclip to tie it when it gets too hot.

When photo time, you loose.

I have another tip: when it comes to tropical countries, in tropical cities like São Paulo, I know that even though summer, towards the end of the afternoon it starts to rain.

So I always have an umbrella with me.

I know it may sound crazy, but I always I'm cold.

Even in a very hot country.

So I always carry with me a light jacket because it gets cold I was not to be thinking: "Oh, no.

It's raining.

I want to leave.

" Of course, you should know that São Paulo is a very big city.

And if you go around the city, east to the north, to the center, you will walk a lot using public transport.

So always have money exchanged.

You know, five reais, ten reais.

At most twenty.

You had to have heard that when you visit cities like this, one must be careful.

When there are many people in one place, many things happening around you.

So I suggest you have money separate.

A bit in a pocket, a little on the other.

And if you have the opportunity to have a fanny pack like this, you can put on your waist is great.

So you can take documents, a bit more money.

And no one will know that you have it and if necessary, you know you have it which is very important protected.

Of course, do not forget your phone, charge the battery.

And when you have the opportunity can buy a mobile chip here, to use internet.

Because we do not have many Wi-Fi connections in the streets.

Then it will be very useful and it will cost about ten reais, fifteen reais and is already loaded.

A very useful thing: have a bottle of water with you! Or you can try coconut water, natural or box.

Of course, do not forget your sunglasses.

In addition to protecting it will give you more style in your tropical vacation! So, come on! We will visit São Paulo! First, do not go anywhere! Do not forget to sign up, leave your like, comments and see you in the next video.


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