Traveling to Brazil? Stay Healthy on Your Trip.

As the fifth largest country in the world,Brazil offers countless options for travelers.

From world class cosmopolitan cities, to beautifulbeaches, to the exotic mystery of the Amazon, Brazil is a fantastic vacation travel destination.

Travelers return from a trip to Brazil raving about the beauty of both the country and thepopulation.

No trip to Brazil will be complete without plenty of time spent soaking in thenatural beauty of Brazil's beaches and soaking up the sun's rays.

Sunbathing on the beach is a part of youritinerary.

It goes without saying, don't forget proper sun protection in that hot Braziliansun.

Sunscreen is especially important when the sun's rays are at peak intensity, between10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, prime time for sunbathing.

Apply sunscreen before heading outdoors.

Reapplyfrequently throughout the day and stay well hydrated to keep you feeling your best.

It'salso very important to note, the beautiful Brazilian beaches bordering the Atlantic Oceancan pose a hidden threat to the safety of travelers.

Many have strong and dangerousrip tides.

And ocean waves can be unpredictable, even in the well populated tourist areas.

As a result, be sure to heed any posted signsand flags.

Petty crime is also very prevalent at the beach.

So be sure to protect your valuablesaccordingly.

If your time outdoors in Brazil take you to the Amazon Basin, make sure totravel with a guide who's familiar with the region, and can inform you of local customs,since English is not widely spoken here.

In addition to proper sun protection, youcan protect your health for your Brazilian adventures by receiving proper pre travelvaccinations.

It is recommended that travelers to Brazil receive the full series of bothhepatitis A and B vaccinations before their trip.

The hepatitis b virus is chronicallypresent in the Amazon River Basin.

And hepatitis A infection is common in areas where sanitationand food and water safety are poor.

If you're traveling to Brazil for an extendedperiod of time, vaccination against the hepatitis A virus is even more important since the possibilityof infection tends to increase the longer traveler stay country, and relax food, andwater safety precautions.

The Typhoid Fever vaccine is also highly recommended for tripsinto the Amazon.

Finally, traveler should note that insectborne illnesses are common in Brazil.

And a consult with your travel health specialist,will let you know which additional vaccines, and medications are right for you, and youritinerary.

Make the most of your time in Brazil.

Consult with a Passport Health travel medicinespecialist to determine your strategy for staying well abroad.

Call 1-888-499-7277 orvisit passporthealthusa.

Com to find the Passport Health clinic nearest to you.

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