Why to Relocate to Brazil and Establish Residency

Erik Michielsen: Why did you move to Brazil,and how has the experience informed your future plans?Adam Carter: Well, I moved to Brazil because it was the single place in the world thatcalled me more than any other.

Erik Michielsen: How so?Adam Carter: Brazilians are one of the most gregarious and friendly and open-minded peoplethat I've come across in the world, and they're simply a joy to be around.

I think anybodythat's been to Brazil will tell you that the Brazilians have a zest for life that is hardto find anywhere else, and it's a kind of place where, even after the first time I wasthere, I felt a special connection.

I'm not one for hyperbole, so I didn't walk out theresaying, "this is the best place in the world, " but I said to myself, "all right, Adam,you need to come back here, spend a little time, learn Portuguese, get into the culturea bit.

" I took it slow.

I went back for about three, four months, learned Portuguese immediately,I studied on my own, and I'd already spoken Spanish, so that was easy, and the more Ilearned about Brazil, the more I got into the culture, the more I felt comfortable,and it got to the point where I started doing my philanthropy work down there, so I hadthat whole 'nother connection there, and I started to make friends that I just—everytime that I was there, I felt more comfortable, and it's the kind of place where I'm alwayshappy.

I feel happy when I'm there.

There's something about, between the people and thenatural beauty and the culture, and it's just such a lively place.

It just makes you feelalive, so I got to the point where instead of ferrying back and forth from Chicago downto Brazil, and then going back home for the summer, I decided to just pick up and moveto the place where my heart was calling me, and I landed in Brazil.

Erik Michielsen: And how has that informed your future plans?Adam Carter: So moving to Brazil has really dictated my future plans because I realizethat I had to make a living there.

It's different going down for a few months and having a goodtime and doing this charity work which is volunteer, that's a lot different from realizing,okay, I got to find a way to support myself.

So for me the only way to do it is to reallyjump in headfirst.

And so I got down there, started to assess my opportunities, realizedthat it's very difficult for a lot of these companies to get a work visa for foreigners,so I realized that I needed to, if possible, get my own residency there.

So I went throughthat process through investing in a business and this and that to obtain my permanent residency.

Some friends and I have a start-up based here in the states, so at this point, I've beenable to do my work remotely from Brazil which is wonderful because it just goes to show,this would not have been possible even ten years ago that I can live in one country andin effect, be doing my business in another.

I mean, and over the years I've seen so manypeople living these lifestyles that I realized, well, hey, why sit in an office in the Statesif I don't have to? When I can be down in Brazil where I can continue my philanthropywork, and I can really be where my heart is.

So it's an adjustment, you know, living inanother culture and trying to find out what your place is professionally.

So I'm tryingto keep my options open to see exactly where the start-up, how it matures and how it progressesbecause I need to just be sure that if I am doing something different that I'm down inBrazil that I need to make sure that I've got a niche down there as well.

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